Art In Motion

"Cao & Unniass"


Cao & Unniass is a one-of-a-kind animated art piece.

After purchase, the buyer maintains full personal and commercial rights to the images and video. This means the buyer can use the image and videos in personal and commercial projects and can be used on websites, and social media or sold as an NFT.

About this piece

Cao (Compassionate One) is a Doryu. A Doryu is one who understands the ways of a dragon.

The dragon’s name is Unniass (The Powerful One)

What's included with the sale:

One (1) Signed Image: 480 x 720 pixel GIF
One (1) Unsigned GIF Image: 480 x 720 pixels 
One (1) Unsigned JPEG Image: 480 x 720 pixels 
One (1) HD Unsigned Video: 30-seconds

Note: Once a purchase is made the artist will end this sale and remove all images that may be on social media sites.

About The Artist

Curt Freeman

Currently living and working in Memphis Tennessee. Curt is a web designer by day and a digital artist at night. He enjoys working with animation, surreal objects, colors, and shapes. When he’s not building websites or creating art he likes to relax by playing guitar and writing songs.